Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Task #3 Set up an account with an aggregator/RSS feed service

Well, this is easy, 'cause I already check two of them periodically. I have accounts at both bloglines and newsgator. I learned about these from Kathy G. and David C., respectively. I'm not sure how exactly I'm supposed to prove that I have these set up. I've been a little confused about all the channels of information flowing out at these Learning 2.0 team meetings, but it seems as though we are supposed to check the work of the staff through their blogs. I'm not sure, but if I am correct, the staff is to submit to Dallas and David all of their usernames and passwords which they create accounts for each of these web 2.0 technology services such as blogger, bloglines or newsgator, email address, etc... I guess I will have to submit my list to Dallas (or David) to be in the running for an MP3 player! :) Thanks, Laurie

In addition, I find that bloglines and newsgator are very helpful services in using RSS feeds. With bloglines, I can stay up to date with many library related blogs which go right into my bloglines accout. Newsgator is great if I just want to scan news headlines and brief commentary about current news.

Thanks again! Laurie

I would like to put a screen shot here and for other tasks which involve proving I have accounts, but we are working on trying to find a way to save screen shots in jpeg format so that they can be uploaded as pictures because blogger does not allow paste of a screen shot. This is a work in progress.

My screen shot is up top! Thanks.

some of the accounts for rss feeds I have are at bloglines and newgator at the following URLS:



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