Tuesday, January 9, 2007

#4 Take a digital photo and post it on your blog

This one is great! It is the post that I worked on for the Web 2.0 Learning team at PVLD. I will have to do that right now. All I have to do is click the link to add and image just above this script in blogger, which looks like a photo, and browse to get an image from my pictures folder on the desktop. As some of you know, I've been taking pictures at the library and posting them to my flickr account for the branches at PVLD. I can't take all the credit though. Several others such as Kendel, Ali, and Eve have taken photos as well and some of theirs have been posted to the flickr account as well.

In addition, John J. set up the third circ desk computer for picture capability and taught me how to use it with the digital camera that Marisa P. bought for the branches. With their help initiating this, I've been able to do great things with a digital camera and the computer at the library. Also, Kathy G. helped by inspiring us to do such things as take photos or work with and use Flickr at the library.

In order to get info. on how to upload your photo, go to Public Folders for an instruction document on how to upload photos from the digital camera.

Thanks! Laurie A.
What I found to be a problem with this new blogger was the following: image would not upload at first, but you must accept the terms and conditions for uploading images - this is new on the google blogger. Also the screen freezes for a few seconds once you've uploaded the photo (it never did that before as it always looked like the uploading was "thinking" with a disk spinning around). Or it may be this computer or browser which doesn't show that disk (I have a mac at home and use Safari for uploading photos to blogger). Once the photo is uploaded in this new blogger, you can see the actual photo in the post before you publish it, rather than just seeing the html text for the photo image (as was the case in the old blogger). Good luck!

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