Wednesday, January 17, 2007

#8 Explore

So, I have an account with youtube, but I created one specific to this blog for pvld learning and continued pvld work with a video camera (I'd love to take video of PVLD or other library related work!).

Here is my youtube video link:
It is a video of the Huntington Library Garden. I think my search was California Libraries (once logged in to youtube).

My experience using youtube has been wonderful in the sense that I was able to post several videos on my other account of my son's preschool on Halloween day and send the video to family and post it to my family blog. I also posted a video that his father took of the PVLD parade, which Kathy G. posted a clip of to her director's blog at PVLD. I like how you can embed (with permission, which the Huntington Library video doesn't have) the video straight into your blog, or post the URL for it in your blog. Youtube is popular because it is fun to look at home videos, send videos to your friends, post videos, comment on videos, and more. Lanny at PVLD posted a video of a USC cheerleader rooting for the wrong team. I thought this was great. I was able to see videos that were posted as links to youtube on other people's blogs that I've seen. This could happen on a daily or weekly basis when I check out bloglines. My youtube user name is LAMalagaCoveLibrary. I just noticed that comments have been disabled from this video, so here's another one which I commented on: I noticed it was difficult to view the entire videos. I don't know why, but I heard it might be the bandwidth.
My username for youtube is LAMalagaCoveLibrary

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