Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Wow. This was tough to do this in such a short amount of time with all the other work I'm doing at the library! But it has been fun, I'll have to admit! I found setting up a free email very useful for my library work and future use of Web 2.0 technologies at the library. I'm glad I have a work blog now. It's exciting to be using RSS feeds. I love taking digital photos, putting them on the computer and uploading them to my blog. Working with flickr is always fascinating and is probably my favorite thing - because I am most used to it and it is the first web 2.0 technology I've worked with at work. As I stated, I think instant messaging would be a great benefit to the library. Wikipedia was challenging, but interesting and it was fun to add a post. YouTube is awesome! And I hope to use it so much more in the future with my work at PVLD and libraries. Online office/productivity tools are extremely useful to me because I am often running between branches to various meetings, need to take notes, and possibly review those notes at another library. This way, I have them on hand. And of course, myspace for the grand finale...it's supposed to be fun, but as I mentioned, was time consuming. I'm sure that future use with myspace at the Malaga Cove Library and PVLD will be great!

The most important thing I learned is that these new, up and coming technologies are now apart of the mainstream and that we, as a library, should be on the forefront of this new technology - exploring, learning, growing with society and information society as a part of society. Libraries and information science definitely involve new technologies, which are now apart of the information world in full force. We should be too!

The most challenging to me was probably Wikipedia or possibly the time consuming nature of updating a profile on myspace. Wikipedia, as I mentioned, ensues a bit of tiptoeing around the screen with nervousness in the effect of, "Am I or am I not correct with this information?" But, as stated, others can repair your post. And my advice, you shouldn't feel scared to post or edit! (I should take my own advice!)

PVLD can use these technologies to deliver or improve library services in many ways, as shown above and through my posts. They can use them for staff development, staff interaction, interaction with patrons, people in the community, community partners, and the world beyond the library. The world wide web allows us to communicate with the world, and libraries are a part of this communication. Libraries should be on the forefront of this communication as information leaders!

I'm not sure what the "Self-directed" learning model is (that's probably my fault because I never quite understood that from the team meetings), but the model on the blog was easy to understand, straight-forward, and useful. I think there should be a question after the instructions of each task to get the staff thinking.

I think this is the best way to get staff thinking and encouraged about staff development...and you can win a prize! Good luck!

Laurie L. Anderson

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