Tuesday, January 9, 2007

#5 Explore Flickr.com

Again, I already do this a lot, so I don't have to create an account because I have several - one for at home and one for work. My work flickr account can be viewed at www.flickr.com/photos/pvldbranches. Some of what has been mentioned in the instructions for this post are 1) explore Flickr. I found the site to be very interesting, although I have not explored many photos from other people, except for maybe once, but I know there are some very good ones out there. I have paid attention to my messages, emailed for tips, read the faq page many times, created a web address with flickr (as shown above), emailed a photo from my cell phone, and used a mac uploader. It's a lot of fun to tag photos and write descriptions about them.
2) I'm not quite sure what mashups are. I read about them through the instruction post and they sound fun and interesting. Making a montage would be fun or posting photos on a map would also be fun. 3) Post a photo and link it to your blog (I can try to do that). 4) Tagging is important because it is a way of cataloguing a photo so that others can search for it (if it's public) to try and find the photo with tagged key words. Photos on flickr can be set to private or public, if you are worried about that. If they are set to private, they will not be able to be viewed by just anyone - only flickr members can view them if you give them permission, such as your family and friends. I ended up creating two flickr accounts because I didn't want to have to worry about which photos to set to private or forcing family members to join flickr to view photos from the public site which are set to private. 5) My favorite feature on flickr is the uploaders that they provide for a mac, which offer great editing (such as rotation of photo or other) and allow to upload many photos at once. Of course, they have these for windows too. But more importantly, I like the feature that allows me to send a photo directly from my digital camera to flickr. If I want to set the photo to private, there is a specific web address for that which is shown on the faq page. I have a specific email address to use to send photos from my cell phone which is on my flickr account that flickr has given to me. 6) User groups seems like a great feature. You can join groups, as well as create them.

I hope some of this gives an inside scoop to the wonders of flickr.

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