Monday, January 8, 2007

Blog for Web 2.0 technologies

Thought I'd start with a post regarding the web 2.0 technologies learning 2.0 at PVLD. I am on the Learning 2.0 team and have been assigned the task (or rather, volunteered for the task) of doing a trial run of our project for Learning 2.0. I figure I can use this blog after this has been completed to discuss any work I'm doing at the Malaga Cove Library or at PVLD, which I would suggest to any staff member who completes the proposed tasks - you could continue your blog! I don't know if this is okay with the other members of the learning 2.0 team, but I like the idea. I think it would be a great way to keep track of work, share it with others, and enjoy life on the web from a personlized and ongoing perspective!

As for my first blog entry, I will mention that I already created a work email address (task number 1 on the Learning 2.0 blog for pvld). The blog can be viewed at My work email address to be used for these tasks is I had no trouble setting up the email at yahoo, but I must say that I had some problems with the second task, mentioned in my second post on this blog.

Thank you and I wish the best to all others participating in the Learning 2.0 project!


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